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Press quotes for Momentum - Portraits of Women in Motion:

“Tracks like the deeply swinging “The Soul Keepers” and “Ain’t I A Woman” are as good as mainstream jazz gets these days.

J.D. Considine, Downbeat Magazine Editor’s Picks

“Classy and alluring, like all of the subjects of song.”

George Harris, Jazz Weekly

“A rich and absorbing collection of music”

 Jerome Wilson,


“Wishing Well has certainly been worth the wait. The album… is a master class in small-band, straight-ahead, jazz. All of the musicians are outstanding, but no single player ever attempts to overwhelm the others… this album is characterized by exceptional ensemble playing… Right across the album there are moments of pure magic and the occasional surprise."
Bruce Lindsay,

“Rowe's originals are vivid sound paintings that happen to swing mightily. Jensen is a wonderful addition on two tracks: the Rachel Carson-inspired 'That Which Was Living, Lost' and the Kenny Wheeler-influenced 'Longing'… This is a gem in every respect, revealing much to savor on every track—and a well-above-average sound quality. Rowe is a University of Michigan School of Music faculty member. Go Blue.”
Ken Franckling,

“Lyric music, superbly played, and appealing to heart and mind alike.”
Bruce Crowther,

“Ellen Rowe is no wallflower. On her new CD, Wishing Well, the pianist plays with firm resolve and determination. Tracks like the uptempo 'Tick Tock' and the reflective 'Night Sounds' (dedicated to her late brother Tim) are perfect examples of Rowe's solid touch and originality."
Marc Myers,

“The way this piano player can move through a variety of styles very smoothly in the course of a program shows her to be following in Keith Jarrett's footsteps, if not ready, willing and able to fill his shoes.…With a real jazzbo spirit moving throughout the session, she can't be pinned down and certainly won't be pigeonholed. Solid stuff for people that really appreciate first class sitting down jazz.”

“The Ellen Rowe Quartet Performance at the International Association for Jazz Education conference was spellbinding. These Ann Arbor musicians are world class and held their own with all the national names.”
Linda Yohn, Music Director, WEMU radio

"Ellen Rowe's new release [Denali Pass] is a beautifully balanced and inspired journey, that showcases her abilities as a strong conceptualist pianist and band leader. Everyone contributes exciting performances throughout.”
Geri Allen

"Her five original pieces soar with emotion and expression.”
Dennis Naranjo, WFBE, Flint MI

“Rowe's soloing is both entertaining and exciting.”
Lee Prosser,

“Sylvan Way is a straight-ahead album of aural solace in the musical jungle. Rowe manifests a hardy command of the instrument, dropping solid phrases in the pocket and giving her notes added weight by using something oft lacking in even the best players: space. Rowe renderings like “The Phoenix”…reveal a composer who lets her melodies come forth with unadorned ease, as natural as if she were skipping flat stones across a pond.”
Christopher Bahnsen, Currents, February 2002

“Ellen Rowe has produced an excellent recording, Sylvan Way, that showcases her immense talents as a composer and pianist. Ellen's original creations possess lyricism and harmonic surprises that take no back seat next to the standard material presented. The program is nicely balanced with swinging tunes, Latin flavors and caresses the listener with lush romantic moods. Ellen assembles three excellent rhythm sections with one horn to accompany her. Stellar bassist John Clayton, is featured with his bow on Rowe's hauntingly beautiful ballad, Hymn. This CD definitely invites repeated listening. Enjoy, Sylvan Way, as I have. Bravo, Ms. Rowe!”
Rufus Reid

“A polished, engaging pianist; a rare convergence of technique, emotion and soul.”
Richard Crawford, Director, American Music Institute

“She phrases with quiet authority, letting rich and beguiling harmonies develop gradually. She is indeed that rare ‘triple threat’ of pianist, composer-arranger, and teacher...the best possible role model for young women trying to make it in jazz.”
Ken Keuffel, Arizona Daily Star

“...a gifted composer who can move with ease from thumb-popping funk to straight-ahead be-bop.”
Kansas City Star

“ soon as she began to improvise, the effect was indescribably melodic. The audience was entranced; you could hear a pin drop.”
Die Oberlander (Switzerland)

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