Cross Currents

Medium Level Bossa / Rock with Piano Solo

What a wonderful jazz chart! The theme is stated with a bossa nova feel by tenor and flugelhorn, followed by exciting ensemble sections (highest trpt. note a written D). This is a great opportunity to feature your piano genius. A great Festival piece ... without question! Full Score/parts for plus opt. tuba.

At First Light

Very Easy Ballad Featuring Alto Saxophone

This is a lovely rock ballad featuring alto saxophone throughout. Ellen is a superb composer who knows how to write for young bands and still create fresh, interesting and beautiful music. The melody will stick with you, and your band will love playing this one.  5-4-4-4

The Doomsday Machine Meets Mr. Gelato

Medium Advanced Afro Cuban/Swing with Multiple Soloist Options

Ellen has created a wild, fun-filled chart which moves seamlessly from an afro style 12/8 feel to a romp-stompin' swing feel. Featured with the 1998 Washington All-State Jazz Ensemble (which she conducted). 1st alto doubles on soprano sax. Lots of solo space for many different players. This is a HOT chart! 5-4-4-3

Minor Mystery

Very Easy Medium Swing with Multiple Soloist Options

Ellen has created a minor blues chart for young players which is successful in every way! The melody is interesting and the ranges are quite limited. Yet, Ellen is able to create excitement and a fine musical experience for all involved ....... band and audience alike. Try this one with your younger groups. 5-4-4-4

The Hip-Hop Bop Stop

Medium Level Hip-Hop/Swing with Solos for Alto, Trumpet and Guitar

A fun piece for advancing groups, this chart alternates between hip-hop and swing styles. Written or ad lib solos are included for alto, trumpet and guitar, and 3rd & 4th Trumpets double on flugelhorn. A guitar chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set. Duration 6:20. 3rd & 4th Trumpet on flugelhorns. Ranges: C6 trumpet, G4 trombone.

State Line Strut

Medium Advanced Second Line/Dixieland/Swing with Multiple Soloist Options

Commissioned by the Jazz Division of the Illinois Music Educators Association for the 2017 All State Jazz Ensemble, this medium advanced chart provides students with a wealth of learning opportunities. Second line, Dixieland and straight ahead swing all combine to create a great musical experience. Plenty of solo space over the chord changes to Back Home Again In Indiana round out the chart. An optional vibes part is included. Duration 5:28. Ranges: C6 trumpet, G4 trombone.

Point, Counterpoint

Medium Level Swing with Multiple Soloist Options

This straight ahead swing chart for medium level groups lets everyone get in on the action. Featuring ample solo space and plenty of full ensemble work, an open solo section features any soloist, with solo sheets provided for all. Duration 4:13. Ranges: Bb5 trumpet, Ab4 trombone.